Our mission

Our history

Since 1981 this boutique law firm has served artists, entertainers, creatives, entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals, scientists, educators, athletes and other talents who all share one common attribute - they are people of high accomplishment, people with a bright future - who need temporary or permanent resident visas to achieve their career, personal, and family goals in the United States.

Our mission

We help our clients achieve their dream to live and work in the United States by guiding them through the complex labyrinth of immigration laws, regulations, and procedures of multiple government agencies.

Our focus

We limit our practice to highly accomplished people and their families.

Our ethic

We only accept a case if we believe we can win it. We make that decision only after an intense, in-depth consultation with the prospective client.

Our method

We then work hard to gather, organize and present high-quality evidence in the most persuasive manner.

Our style

Clients meet only with lawyers and work collaboratively with them to strategize and assemble the evidence. Our boutique style practice ensures personal dealings with the lawyer and the client. We find this enriches their experience…and our professional lives.

Our track record

In an era of ever-changing immigration rules and policies, ever-shifting and ambiguous official interpretations and harsh official attitudes, we have consistently maintained an approval rate of over 95%. One of the direct results of our successful boutique practice is that the vast majority of our clients come directly via referrals from satisfied clients.

Our benefits for our clients

Our clients emerge from the immigration system labyrinth with the confidence that they have the correct visa, honestly acquired.

Our benefits for our ourselves

We make a living doing what we love and get to meet and work with some of the most interesting people in the world.